Exchange policy

PICA•PAU Woodcraft considers customer satisfaction one of the core values of its activity. As such, customers who are not satisfied with the products purchased have the possibility to exchange their products for any other product they wish within a period of 14 working days after delivery of the product, subject to any value adjustments to address any values discrepancy between the product purchased and the one intended to be received as the counterparty to the exchange. In the case of the first exchange, simply send us the product under the same conditions in which it was delivered and without any damage, and then we will send you another model of your choice, subject to the above price adjustment conditions. The payment of shipping costs, from the buyer to PICA•PAU Woodcraft, is the responsibility of the buyer, being the shipping cost from PICA•PAU Woodcraft to the buyer covered by PICA•PAU Woodcraft . If the buyer intends to make more than one exchange for the same purchase, all shipping costs (after the first exchange) will have to be borne by the buyer. PICA•PAU Woodcraft has no return and refund policy, ie we make exchanges, but we do not reimburse the buyer in case you are not satisfied with the product chosen. PICA•PAU Woodcraft reserves the right to reject exchanges if it considers that the products are damaged or in a worse condition than the one after receiving the product from us. We advise all users to photograph all products after receiving them, so that in case the product gets damaged during transportation they have proof of what happened. Pica•Pau Woodcraft reserves the right to reject any exchange or responsibility for any damages that are not properly evidenced with concrete evidence.